2 Steps to Beat Halitosis with a Dentist in Charlottesville!

April 23, 2018

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dental visitOne of the worst things that you can do is try to make a great first impression with bad breath. Your halitosis will speak for itself—literally.

If you’ve been struggling with bad breath and don’t know how to fix it, this post is for you. Your dentist in Charlottesville will help you beat bad breath with these easy steps listed in this week’s blog post. Continue reading to learn more!

1.      Figure Out Why You Have Bad Breath.

This might seem irrelevant because ultimately, you just want to get rid of bad breath. However, this could be the most important step! Determining the cause of your halitosis can help you find a solution much faster without wasting time, money, or causing embarrassment.

Is it your food?

Little do many people know, carbohydrates and sugars harbor oral bacteria within the mouth much longer than you may think—it’s not just onions and garlic that cause stinky breath.

Is it your hygiene?

Little do many people know, the tongue harbors the most dental bacteria in the mouth. Without proper brushing, flossing and professional cleanings with your local dentist, a stinky film can form on the teeth, gums, and tongue.

Do you have a dental condition?

Tooth decay and gum disease can both cause bad breath. If you haven’t scheduled an appointment already, it’s best to visit a dentist right away to save your smile and freshen your breath.

Do you take medication?

There are many doctor prescribed medications that can cause your breath to smell less than fresh. This is because they cause dry mouth if you’re not hydrated. A chronic dry mouth can lead to a series of conditions including decay and gum disease, which in turn lead to bad breath.

2.      Get Assistance from a Dental Professional.

Secondly—even if you can’t pinpoint your reason for bad breath alone—is to visit your dentist right away. As you can see above, there are some serious oral health conditions that could be causing your halitosis. Bad breath could be a symptom, a sign that your mouth needs professional assistance.

Your dentist would be more than happy to evaluate your mouth for any abnormalities during a scheduled dental checkup.

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Here at Drs. Hal M. Lippard understands that a healthy smile offers much more than great looking teeth and gums. It affects your self-esteem from your smile’s aesthetics to even how your breath smells. If you want to make sure your smile is in great condition—and keep it that way—call us today to schedule your next dental checkup and professional cleaning. We would be more than happy to help you!


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