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How COVID-19 Made Mouthwash Even More Important

May 8, 2020

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Patient uses mouthwash before visiting a dentist in Charlottesville.

When you think about the tools people are using to protect those around them from COVID-19, images of face masks and hand sanitizers are usually the first things that come to mind. However, before the next visit to your dentist in Charlottesville, you may be asked by your dentist to use one more thing to keep everyone in the office safe: mouthwash. Read on to find out how this ordinary item has the power to protect you and your dental team from getting sick.

What Are The Standard Benefits Of Mouthwash?

Before the coronavirus pandemic, mouthwash had an important role in your daily oral hygiene routine. It had the power to:

  • Dislodge food particles trapped in hard to reach spaces in your mouth.
  • Strengthen the enamel on your teeth.
  • Kill bacteria living on your teeth, tongue, and gums.
  • Keep your breath smelling fresh.

While mouthwashes don’t have the power to kill COVID-19, their ability to eradicate other germs in your mouth is what makes them so important.

Why Should You Use Mouthwash Before An Appointment?

Germs are constantly moving in and out of your mouth. Most of them don’t have the power to make a healthy person ill. But for those individuals who are the most at risk for injury from COVID-19, they can make it easier for the virus to cause serious damage because the body can’t focus its immune response solely on one problem.

When you rinse with an antibacterial mouthwash, you are effectively clearing out the bacterial and viral particles inside your mouth. As a result, you’ll spread less germs into the air while you talk, making the environment at your dentist’s office safer for everyone who comes in for an appointment.

Which Mouthwash Should You Use?

When purchasing a mouthwash for home use, you should try to look for ones that are labeled as antiseptic or antibacterial. If you want to strengthen your teeth in addition to removing bacteria, look for ones that contain fluoride.

How Else Can You Fight Germs In Your Mouth?

While mouthwash can be a powerful tool, it is not the only thing you should use to keep germs from collecting in your mouth. You can also try:

  • Brushing and flossing your teeth after every meal.
  • Drinking water during the day to wash away bacteria.
  • Avoiding sugary snacks and foods that cause tooth decay.

People need to do everything they can to prevent germs from spreading while COVID-19 remains a problem. Using mouthwash before your next preventive care visit will lower your risk of spreading an infection and will leave you with a clean, fresh feeling in your mouth.

About the Author

Dr. Hal Lippard has proudly provided dental care services to the people of Charlottesville for many years. After finishing dental school at University of Tennessee College of Dentistry in Memphis, he completed an informal general dentistry residency at Lyster Army Hospital. During his time there, he experienced nearly all aspects of dentistry. Today, he provides preventive, restorative, and cosmetic services to patients in a comfortable, no stress dental practice. If you would like his help with a dental issue, you can contact him through his website or at 434-293-9311.

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