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Dental Crowns & Bridges for Charlottesville, VA

Crown and Bridgework for Charlottesville Dental Patients and Residents of Albermarle County.

If you’re experiencing dental disease, our Charlottesville dentistry practice can help. Restorative dentistry procedures can return oral health and give you a new lease on life. In addition, you’ll experience the confidence a beautiful smile provides. If you’re missing a tooth or have a severely compromised tooth and aren’t a candidate for dental implants, talk to Dr. Lippard about crown and bridge.

There are many causes of tooth loss. When a tooth is heavily affected by decay, it may not be salvageable through more conservative methods, such as a filling, a dental crown, or root canal. To make sure the disease does not spread to the surrounding teeth and tissues, the tooth may need to be extracted. Trauma is another common reason for tooth loss. Additionally, patients with advanced gum disease may suffer from tooth loss.

In order to replace the missing tooth and restore integrity, Dr. Lippard may suggest a fixed, non-removable bridge. The crown and bridge uses a handcrafted prosthetic tooth, called a pontic, which spans the gap and is attached to the adjacent healthy teeth by the way of crowns. As with dental crowns, Dr. Lippard offers a choice of material for your crown and bridge and will help you decide which is best based on the location of your missing tooth.

How are Crown and Bridges Made?

The first step in the creation of your bridge is to prepare the tooth or teeth it will attach to for a proper fit. Dr. Lippard will reduce the enamel on the abutment tooth or teeth, and then take an impression. This allows our dental lab to create a crown and bridge that mimics the size and shape of your existing teeth. Our partner dental lab offers exceptional, aesthetically pleasing restorations that are matched to blend with your smile. You will receive a temporary crown and bridge while your custom prosthetic is being crafted. When the permanent bridge arrives, which is usually in about a week, Dr. Lippard will permanently bond the prosthetic and complete the process.

How Long Will My Crown and Bridge Last?

How long your crown and bridge lasts will depend mostly upon how well you take care of your teeth. Make sure to practice good oral hygiene, brushing twice daily and flossing once. It’s also important to visit our Charlottesville dentistry practice for regular checkups and professional hygiene. You can also prevent damage to your new crown and bridge by staying away from hard foods like ice.

Are you ready to stop hiding, and start smiling? Contact us for an appointment today. Dr. Lippard is accepting new patients from all over Charlottesville, including Barracks, Oak Terrace, Belmont, and the University of Virginia, as well as Ivy and Crozet.

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