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Charlottesville Dental Crowns and Tooth Fillings

Our Charlottesville dentistry practice is centered on preventive care. We do everything in our power to keep your teeth healthy and strong. However, even the most diligent of patients will experience a dental health issue at least once or twice during his or her lifetime. Usually, that problem comes in the form of decay.

You may think that cavities are something you leave behind with childhood. But this is simply not the case. Tooth decay can occur at any age and adults are just as susceptible to tooth decay as children, though the reasons might change. Most grownups may have better brushing and flossing habits than kids, but a diet high in carbohydrates can change the pH levels in the mouth allowing bacteria to flourish. In addition, gum recession associated with early stage gum disease, commonly referred to as gingivitis, exposes teeth roots to plaque.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

The first line of defense against cavities is a tooth-colored filling. When detected early, decay can be removed with minimal removal of your tooth’s natural enamel. After eliminating the tooth decay, Dr. Lippard then fills the tooth with a strong composite resin that’s colored to match your smile. Tooth-colored fillings not only return the health of your teeth, but blend seamlessly to keep your smile all-white.

In addition to being attractive, tooth-colored fillings are stronger than their metal counterparts are. Metal fillings can expand and retract, leaving teeth weakened, cracked, and even broken. Composite resin tooth-colored fillings are biologically inert, and resist change inside the tooth. Patients with defective, old metal fillings may wish to have them removed and replaced with more attractive, and longer-lasting, tooth-colored fillings when indicated.

Dental Crowns

There are a number of reasons why you may need a dental crown. Our Charlottesville dental practice sees many professional, adult patients, and a common issue is decay around an existing filling. If it’s a large filling to start, or if the area of decay is large, a dental crown may be needed. Dental crowns restore strength and viability to a tooth where more structure must be removed due to decay.

In addition, you may require a dental crown if you tooth has been compromised by a crack or break. By supporting the remaining tooth structure, a dental crown returns the function of your tooth. Dr. Lippard will provide an all-porcelain dental crown for a front tooth where biting forces are less. When providing a dental crown for a back tooth, we may suggest porcelain-fused metal for additional strength.

Are you a filling or dental crown patient in Ivy, Crozet, or the areas of Barracks, Oak Terrace, Belmont, or UVA within Charlottesville? Contact us today. Dr. Lippard will return health to your smile with a handcrafted restoration that blends seamlessly with your smile. Dr. Lippard may also recommend additional restorative dentistry or cosmetic dentistry procedures for you.

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