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Dentures & Partials for Charlottesville Residents

Restoring Albermarle County Smiles with Dentures and Partials

At our Charlottesville office, Dr. Hal Lippard can replace missing teeth with dentures—both partials and full sets. Replacing your missing teeth is an important aspect of restoring your full oral health. Missing teeth cause a variety of dental problems:

  • Creates a bad bite
  • Makes it difficult to chew
  • Inhibits speaking clearly
  • Causes teeth to shift and/or loosen
  • Increases risk of gum disease
  • Encourages additional tooth loss

Missing teeth can also impair your self-esteem and confidence. Research has shown that people with healthy, whole, beautiful smiles are thought to be more attractive and successful. If you think missing teeth is negatively impacting your professional opportunities and your social connections, dentures are affordable, natural-looking option for teeth replacements.

There are many reasons why patients experience tooth loss. Trauma due to an accident or fall can permanently knock out teeth. You may need extractions for severely decayed or infected teeth. Gum disease may have caused loss of teeth, too. In fact, gum disease is the number one reason for tooth loss in American adults. Fortunately, our Charlottesville dentist can use his experience and skills to create dentures that replace several teeth, or all your teeth!

Partial Dentures

If you have one missing tooth, Dr. Lippard may recommend either a dental implant or a crown and bridge. These two options are terrific tooth replacements, and may benefit you the most in restoring your smile and your dental health. However, if you have several teeth missing, in a row or in several places, then partial dentures may be the better solution.

At our Charlottesville dental practice, we can work with you to create removable partial dentures that fit well and look great. Your partial dentures can be removed so you can clean your mouth and your dental prostheses. Partial dentures are budget-friendly options for giving you the functionality you need and the smile you deserve.

Full Dentures

For patients who have complete tooth loss, our restorative dental professionals customize upper and lower dental arches to fit your mouth comfortably. Having a set of full dentures will give you back the ability to eat whatever you want, to speak without slurring, and to smile without embarrassment. Dr. Lippard and his team will work closely with you to create a natural-looking set of dentures that you can confidently wear—showing off that gorgeous grin!

For patients who live in Charlottesville (including Oak Terrace, Barracks, Belmont, and UVA), Ivy, or Crozet, Dr. Hal Lippard and our team looks forward to providing you a beautiful and confident new smile with dentures and partials. Call us today to make your appointment at our conveniently located Charlottesville dental practice.

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