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Patient Testimonials

The special care that was taken to introduce my 3-year-old son - on his first visit ever - to the world of "going to the dentist" was perfect.

Eric G.

This dental office has the most warm and kind people who make you feel important and treat you more like friends. All of the staff are efficient and concerned that you are comfortable. I can't say enough about Dr. Lippard who is the best dentist I have ever had. I've never had a dentist that gave me the best care and helped me not dread dentist appointments. They are the best.

Nancy V.


Billy M.

Just a great overall experience, from the waiting room to the reception counter to the dentist's chair. Hal, Mary, and Doris all make you feel right at home. Do yourself a favor and switch to a dentist who not only knows how to make your mouth comfortable, but knows how to make you comfortable too.

Benjamin B.

When I moved back to Charlottesville several years after graduation from UVA, one of my biggest challenges was to find the right dentist for me and my family. I had a personal fear of visiting the dentist and would only go on an as needed basis. I knew this was not the right approach for my young family. A neighbor recommended Dr. Lippard. From the very first visit, my family and I were at ease. Dr. Lippard transformed my dental experience! Now I attend regularly and don’t get worried about it! My two children have grown up in the practice and never knew the fear I once experienced. Great dental health and a very friendly place!

Polly H.

My work has taken me to multiple communities over the years and to many different dental practices. Until I was recommended to Dr. Lippard by a friend, I had encountered good dental care but never the best in class dental care I have received at this practice! Dr. Lippard and his staff are kind, compassionate and spend quality time with you during each visit. In addition to the quality care and comfortable atmosphere, the practice has the latest in dental technology and stays abreast of new developments in the field.

Edward M.

Most people don’t like going to the dentist. However, I have been treated so well by Dr. Lippard and his staff that I don’t mind a dentist visit at all. In the past year or two, I have had occasion to need dental service quite a few times, for teeth cleaning as well as “emergency” needs. I have consistently received friendly and caring service at Dr. Lippard’s office and have come away feeling much better about the condition of my mouth and smile.

Karyl R.

I love the personal service! I walk in and everyone knows my name. It is a very comfortable atmosphere with the most modern technology. I appreciate their flexibility in working with my schedule whether it is an urgent problem or my need to be seen at an unusual hour due to my work travel schedule.

Kevin H.

I have been a client of Dr. Lippard’s since the late 80’s and upon my recommendation, my entire extended family followed in my footsteps. He is not only an excellent dentist but a loyal family friend. He has come to our rescue dozens of times, particularly with my mother, who had special needs. I will continue to recommend him to all who ask. His long term staff is just like an extended family, always caring for my every need.

Mo H.

I cannot thank you enough for my cleaning and check-up! It was my Christmas miracle!

Charlottesville Free Clinic Patient

I grew up in Dr. Lippard’s practice and have loved being a patient there. When I was 11, I knocked out two front teeth playing flashlight tag and without hesitation, Dr. Lippard came to his practice in the middle of the night to help me. From that day forward, I wanted to become a dentist! Dr. Lippard has been a role model dentist to me as a patient and his mentorship to me while serving as a summer intern will be invaluable as I enter dental school this fall.

Christina H.

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