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Restoring Smiles with Charlottesville Restorative Dentistry

Providing Restorative Dentistry for communities within Albermarle County

Comprehensive dentistry means being ready to tackle dental disease for patients who suffer from common oral health problems. Many general dentists perform restorative dentistry work, however it’s important to choose a dentist who focuses on minimally invasive procedures. Dr. Lippard believes in quality over quantity, keeping our practice small provides personalized care. Our Charlottesville dentistry practice offers restorative dentistry therapies that not only return health to your smile, but can also improve its function and appearance in a family setting.

When a large cavity threatens to compromise a tooth, Dr. Lippard will use The Wand (a slender device that looks like a pen which uses a small computer to control how quickly the anesthetic is administered through a extremely fine needle) to numb the area so that he is able to remove more enamel to halt the progression of the disease. In this case, a viable treatment is an inlay or onlay. This treatment consists of an all-white restoration that’s laid into the tooth to cover the removed portion and provide strength. Each inlay and only is meticulously crafted to fit perfectly with the contours of your tooth and blend seamlessly with your smile.

Some restorative dentistry patients may require a stronger solution to support the tooth. Dr. Lippard offers dental crowns to strengthen and reinforce a compromised tooth. Our partner dental lab creates handcrafted restorative dentistry prosthetics, which means you’ll not only enjoy comfort but an attractive smile.

Patients missing teeth have a number of restorative dentistry options for replacement. Dr. Lippard offers crown and bridges as well as dental implant restorations. It’s important to replace a missing tooth as soon as possible to prevent additional dental problems. A single missing tooth can raise your risk of gum disease and additional tooth loss in the coming years. Restorative dentistry therapies that replace missing teeth not only offer better health, but return your confidence as well.

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Our experienced team offers gentle restorative dentistry care to Crozet, Ivy, and the greater Charlottesville area, including Barracks, Oak Terrace, Belmont, and the University of Virginia. Call us today to schedule your appointment, consultation, or second opinion visit. Dr. Lippard is accepting new patients and the whole team looks forward to meeting you and making you smile.

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