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woman's implant before and after
Posterior (rear) implant-borne crowns: severe abrasion and wear on anterior (front) teeth with deep stain not amenable to bleaching. man smile before and after veneers
6 emax ceramic CAD/CAM crowns completed in just one day.
Congenitally missing upper left lateral incisor and orthodontically erupted left canine.missing tooth before and after
CAD/CAM cantilever ceramic bridge replacing left lateral tooth attached by way of properly shaped ceramic crown on left canine. Opposite lateral incisor properly shaped with CAD/CAM ceramic veneer to match left side.
Severe citric acid erosion on upper central's implant before and after
2 CADCAM crowns to restore proper contour and shape/size of these teeth.
woman's implant before and after
Highly bonded, short upper lateral and central incisors, has congenital anterior open bite, and does not close onto front teeth. woman's implant before and after
4 CADCAM crowns done to lengthen and recontour teeth and minimize degree of open space between arches.
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