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Charlottesville Dentist Offers Comfortable Root Canals

In Charlottesville, Dr. Hal Lippard provides comfortable, one-visit root canals at his restorative dental practice. Root canals are performed when the inside of your tooth has become diseased. We remove the tissues without having to remove your tooth. Root canals are a conservative approach to your dental care, allowing us to save as much tooth structure as possible. When you’re suffering from a toothache, you can rely on us to give you the service, comfort, and gentle care you deserve.

Toothaches usually occur because the interior tissues of your tooth become infected. Decay and damage can compromise otherwise healthy teeth, allowing bacteria to cause disease in the nerve and pulp. When your tooth nerve becomes infected, that’s what causes pain. If your tooth aches, throbs, or just plain hurts, contact Dr. Lippard at our Charlottesville office. Tooth pain is never good, and the sooner you treat your root canal infection, the sooner you can return to full oral health.

Root Canal Infections

Root canal infections should be treated as quickly as possible. If you go too long without treatment, your entire tooth may get so weakened and decayed that we have no choice but to extract it. The optimal treatment for your toothache is to perform a root canal, restore the tooth, and add a beautiful crown. You may have a root canal infection if:

  • Your tooth consistently throbs or aches
  • Pressure (such as when chewing) causes pain
  • Temperature sensitivity occurs
  • Your face or gums swell or redden
  • Your tooth turns gray or black
  • Your tooth cracks, chips, or breaks

Root Canal Problems

If you have a toothache, it’s a sign of a serious oral health condition. If you don’t come in for a dental appointment, you risk suffering complications. At our Charlottesville office, Dr. Lippard will comfortably treat your root canal infection, alleviating your pain and restoring your tooth. Being treated for a root canal is less expensive in both money and time than replacing a tooth which has been lost to abcess. An abscess occurs when the infection gets into the tooth root and forms a pus-filled pocket. This drainage can exit into your mouth. Unchecked root canal infections can also lead to bone loss.

Toothache Treatment

Root canal therapy removes the infected tissues and saves the tooth, which prevents bone loss. We restore the tooth entirely with a beautiful and natural-looking porcelain crown. At our Charlottesville dental practice, Dr. Lippard performs comfortable root canal therapy. Don’t worry about the procedure causing you additional pain. We will ensure that you are completely numb and feel relaxed before beginning your root canal. Once the treatment is finished, you’ll feel much better and on your way to restored oral health.

For patients who live in Charlottesville (including the communities of Barracks, Oak Terrace, Belmont, and UVA), Crozet, or Ivy, Dr. Hal Lippard and our team provides comfortable root canals and other restorative dentistry treatments. Let us help you efficiently maintain your oral health and call us today for your appointment!

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